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The Social Business Academy is your go-to place if you want to upgrade your skills and get hands-on tools for your sustainable business efforts.

Sustainable Business Change Manager - certification programme

Sustainable Business Change Manager, is our signature certification programme for professionals who want to upgrade their business, CSR and change management skills. The course is designed around the four cornerstones of: Strategy, Organization, Partnerships and Communication. The 5-month course takes place in Copenhagen and is currently provided in Danish. 

Online sustainable business courses

As a Premium member you become part of an exclusive Club Circle with 4 annual half-day learning & networking sessions designed around themes selected by the members.

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Marziyeh Elahi (Region H)
[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text]The programme has given me a 360 degree Why-What-How overview of what it means to work with sustainability as an integrated business discipline. The practical toolbox provides useful guidance on how to move from A-Z.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]
Marziyeh Elahi Project Manager, Sustainable public procurement , Region H
Shahida Hamid (AGC Biologics)
I have gained a lot of new knowledge and learned a new language to be used when talking about sustainability while learning how sustainability is linked to business. The great toolbox will help me align our sustainability and business efforts in a more strategic way.
Shahida Hamid Senior EHS Manager , AGC Biologics
Vibeke Tuxen (VTuxen)
The course has laid the ground for me to start as an independent sustainable business consultant. What I liked the most about the course was it’s holistic approach to sustainability - from CSR analyses and strategies, to partnerships and communication. This way I am able to adjust my consulting approach individually to each client.
Vibeke Tuxen Senior Consultant , VTuxen
Benny Møller Meyer (Roblon)
When I now re-read the sustainable business plan that I created as part of the programme, I get rather proud to see that it has actually been turned into real-life actions in Roblon.
Benny Møller Meyer Global QA Manager , Roblon
Ann-Katrine S. Friis (Nilfisk)
The SBCM programme gave me a “business vocabulary” that proved very useful during job interviews. It actually led to my sustainable career move to Nilfisk, where I am still working today.
Ann-Katrine S. Friis Head of CSR , Nilfisk
Thandi Dyani (Impact Hub Joburg)
The certificate programme has given me a much better understanding of business-strategic CSR and useful tools for applying shared value partnerships. It has paved the way to a new chapter in my work life.
Thandi Dyani CEO , Impact Hub Joburg
Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist (Sourcing-House)
I have gained a lot of new knowledge, tools and best practice examples. I even got promoted to Head of CSR in my company after developing the sustainable action plan as part of the course.
Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist Head of CSR , Sourcing-House
Esben A. Theibel (EnergySolution)
I've gained a much broader insight into the field of sustainable business across industries and business disciplines. The concrete tools are invaluable for our work moving forward.
Esben A. Theibel Business Developer , EnergySolution
Rikke Gade Christensen (LeoPharma)
I regularly use the toolbox and many resources from the course in my daily work. I apply the change management aspect within my organization, so colleagues also benefit from my learnings.
Rikke Gade Christensen Risk & Compliance , LeoPharma
Jimmi Mortensen (Actona)
The Sustainable Business Change Manager certificate programme has given our team a comprehensive understanding as well as practical training and a strong toolbox that has helped us take concrete and sustainable action one pragmatic step at a time. To us, it is not a training cost, it’s an investment that will help us secure and strengthen our business.
Jimmi Mortensen CEO , Actona

The Social Business Club is an inspirational network forum for professionals from around the world with an interest in innovative and sustainable practices that create value for society and the bottom line – from CSR and circular economy to social innovation and shared value. 

The Club was founded by Tania Ellis in 2011 with the purpose of inspiring and helping connect the international community of sustainability professionals across sectors, industries, professions and nationalities. So they can do good and well even better. 

My name is David working as the national integration coordinator here in the Faroe Islands. I work with public authorities and occasionally the private sector on migrant integration.