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  • Tania Ellis
  • October 26, 2019
eight mental models for wisdom leadership


At SEAS-NVE, mindfulness, training with horses and Native American wisdom principles go naturally hand-in-hand with running a modern business. To them, sustainability is not only about green energy. It’s also about putting people first.

SEAS-NVE is Denmark’s largest cooperatively-owned energy and fibre-optic company.

From the outside they look like a traditional energy company: They deliver electricity, gas and fibre to almost 700,000 customers, employ more than 900 people, invest in wind turbines, infrastructure for electrical cars, roll out fibre-optic broadband and renovate street lighting.

From the inside, however, the foundation of the company builds on something very unique: a culture of consciousness, authenticity and trust.


The mission of SEAS-NVE is to “be the responsible pioneer who ensures our members energy and fibre-optic broadband”. The vision is “we are your best connection”, and this they mean both physically and energetically.

Being a responsible pioneer means breaking new ground and setting new standards – with integrity. And this requires a culture of change readiness, honesty and courage.

For SEAS-NVE personal and authentic leadership is therefore key, and their approach to leadership development mirrors this in their programmes.

This is also the reason why all employees attend a five-day program called “The Journey” that focuses on bridging professional identity with personal integrity and on building a shared culture of consciousness and personal growth.


In addition to this, all employees are offered the possibility to attend a two-day mindfulness course as well as a three-day course where they learn about leadership, interpersonal communication and building trusting relationships.

Here they, among other things, apply untraditional methods such as Natural Horsemanship where interaction with horses is used for training authentic communication, presence and grounding.

As Marianne Kildedal, Head of Responsible Leadership & CSR, explains:

“In SEAS-NVE, we believe a horse can teach us something about personal development and communication. And mindfulness training provides our employees with practical tools to be more balanced, attentive and focused. In our company we mean it very broadly when we say it’s all about energy.” 


SEAS-NVE’s Head of Responsible Leadership & CSR, Marianne Kildedal was one of the key note speakers at the miniconference on  “Purpose, Passion & Personal Sustainability”  in The Social Business Club.

At the miniconference Marianne Kildedal shared insights into how SEAS-NVE is building a shared culture of consciousness, authenticity and trust, and how this is linked to their work with corporate sustainability and their mission of being a “responsible pioneer”.

She also shared how applying Native American wisdom principles in management meetings and silent breaks can inspire and initiate more energy, trust and open-hearted conversations.

Get key insights into how Marianne Kildedal works with Purpose, Passion and Personal Sustainability at SEAS-NVE in this video interview:


During the miniconference participants and key note speakers discussed, networked and exchanged experience and ideas on how you can integrate purpose, passion and personal sustainability into your business and (work) life.

Throughout the program, we will discuss, network and exchange experience and ideas of how you can integrate purpose, passion and personal sustainability into your own business and (work) life.


The Social Business Club is an open international network forum for professionals from around the world with an interest in innovative and sustainable business practices that create value for society and the bottom line – from CSR and social entrepreneurship to social innovation and shared value. The network is hosted by Tania Ellis, founder of The Social Business Company. 

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