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  • USWC
  • October 29, 2020


On November 1st 2019 the Best 40 University impact startups from around the world came together at the University Startup World Cup (USWC) in Copenhagen to network and pitch their ideas. As a keynote speaker, Tania Ellis gave inspiring insights into how the SDGs provide a framework for companies who want to create positive impact through their business. In this interview with Venture Cup, Tania Ellis explains more about the SDGs & business and how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are an inspiring source of innovation as they are leading the way and showing that the impossible is possible.

In case you’re curious, you can find more about:

  • How The Social Business Company is making impact;
  • SDGs – the universal language, ESG and impact investing;
  • Diversity, inclusion and the right mindset;
  • Advice for future generations.


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