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Are you new to sustainability? Or ready to take it to the next level? No matter which part of the sustainability journeywe…<how we work> Learn more about how we collaborate with companies to help them do good & well even better. More about how we work.

Since being founded in 2003, TANIA ELLIS – The Social Business Company has become an Internationally recognized and leading speaking, training and consulting company. In 2020 our efforts got rewarded with the Small Business Award in the category ‘Most Innovative Business Speaking & Consultancy Firm, Scandinavia’. More about our nomination.


Jens Steen Larsen (Coloplast)
Tania Ellis has an outstanding ability to create relationships and move at all levels of the organization from executive management to marketing assistants. She has an ability to move projects forward to create results.
Jens Steen Larsen Vice President, Corporate Communications , Coloplast
Niels Frandsen (Vingmed)
Tania Ellis energized and engaged our executive team as well as the organization. She shared the different levels and approaches to working with sustainability as an integrated business discipline. She showed us how to kickstart this often-complex journey in an approachable and pragmatic way.
Niels Frandsen CEO , Vingmed

Our Consulting services

Introduction sessions

CLARIFICATION. Get an overview of the what’s, why’s and how’s, so you can make informed and qualified decisions, before you kick-start a new plan, process, project or programme.

trend seminars

INSPIRATION & IDEAS. Get fresh insights into emerging global trends, new business logics and best-practice innovations, so you can keep ahead of the 21st century business & innovation game.

How-to workshops

QUALIFICATION. Get the knowledge, exercises, and tools to turn your plans, projects or programmes into effective and genuinely value-adding actions.

innovation programmes

DEVELOPMENT. Tailored workshop and training programmes to help you improve, revitalize, differentiate or innovate your (business) activities in ways that create both economic and social value.

support packs

1:1 ADVICE & SPARRING. In-house support and confidential sparring sessions for managers and companies, who want to acid-test or get competent input for their CSR and sustainability efforts from an external expert.