We provide you with the insights, cases, tools and training that will help
you put your words of responsibility and sustainability into value-adding
actions. We help you build the business case of corporate social
opportunity by turning risky business into good business.

customized consulting services 

There is no one-size-fits all formula to creating sustainable business success. Partly because it is a journey more than an end-state, but also because it depends on the company’s culture, ambitions, market challenges etc.


1. Co-creation with impact

We customize our consulting approach to our clients’ specific needs, and it’s by working in a co-creative way together with clients that we have been able to create impactful results for a broad range of Scandinavia’s most respected companies and organisations.


2. Expertise & authenticity

In partnership with our clients, each side can bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. The client knows their industry, company culture and values, business model and ambitions, while TANIA ELLIS – The Social Business Company brings its expertise about sustainable business trends and practices to the table along with a carefully developed methodology, toolbox, process design and facilitation.


3. We teach the man how to fish

We don’t force options on our clients, but share examples, possible options and equip them with the knowledge to take the right decision for their own business. It’s something for them to own and enact, which creates much higher buy-in than having a path forced upon them. We have always worked with the principle that we would rather teach a man to fish, rather than fish for the man.


4. Latest sustainble business practices

We always keep at the forefront of sustainable business trends and cutting-edge practices. These are informed by a wide cross-disciplinary network of business practitioners, policy-makers, educators and thinkers, entrepreneurs and corporates. 


We believe that the most sustainable way of running a company is to build the values of sustainability, responsibility and meaning into the heart of business strategy – and into the heart of the organization. We have built our services around the 4 Cornerstones (4Cs) of Sustainable Business Success ©, an overall framework based on our research for The New Pioneers of companies who have succeeded in putting sustainability into the core of their business: Clear Purpose (business strategy); Corporate Engagement (involvement of the organization and employer branding); Collaborate Co-Creation (innovation through partnerships); Clear Communication (stakeholder interaction and corporate branding). Read more about the four cornerstones

This flexibility in the way we operate allows us to customize our services to a client’s specific needs, and it’s by working in a co-creative way together with clients that we  have been able to create impactful results for a broad range of Scandinavia’s
most respected companies and organisations’.
 More about our nomination.

As a certified B Corp we’re committed to making a meaningful difference and creating an impact for the greater good. For the past 17 years we’ve inspired thousands of professionals and helped hundreds of companies to create value for society and the bottom line More about why & how we became a BCorp.


New rules for future economic growth are paving the way for business unusual. Companies are future-proofing their business by building corporate responsibility and sustainable value-creation into their core. Not (only) because of moral obligation, but also because it secures long-term growth and provides new business opportunities that cannot be missed. All our consulting and training services are aimed at assisting companies, who want to address business risks like resource scarcity, poverty, climate change and social inequality in a proactive manner. We help you shift from risk minimization to business optimization by turning your philanthropic and/or compliance-based responsibility and sustainability efforts into strategic and integrated business solutions. To do this, we blend the disciplines of business strategy, social value creation and innovation. Because we believe that sustainable practices that create both economic and social value will secure business and long-term growth as well as the well-being of people and planet. Because corporate social innovation is the name of the 21st century business gam. Read more about our business approach and philosphy here


Jens Steen Larsen (Coloplast)
Tania Ellis has an outstanding ability to create relationships and move at all levels of the organization from executive management to marketing assistants. She has an ability to move projects forward to create results.
Jens Steen Larsen Vice President, Corporate Communications , Coloplast
Niels Frandsen (Vingmed)
Tania Ellis energized and engaged our executive team as well as the organization. She shared the different levels and approaches to working with sustainability as an integrated business discipline. She showed us how to kickstart this often-complex journey in an approachable and pragmatic way.
Niels Frandsen CEO , Vingmed

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